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How can I calm my baby down?

by nnan on July 26, 2021

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions that I get to hear as a midwife in postnatal care. But there is no one answer, because every baby has different preferences. In this article, I will introduce you to various calming options that you can test on your baby. In general, it can be said that newborns in particular like everything that reminds them of the time in their tummy: being cradled, soft tightness, monotonous background noise.

I already wrote in detail about the advantages of skin-on-skin cuddling in my last blog article. Therefore, here again the short form: When the baby cries, it is taken off down to the diaper and is allowed to cuddle on the chest of mom or dad.

There is a huge selection of carrying options for this: Shawls, RingsSlings, BabyCarriers and many more. There is no such thing as the one perfect baby carrier, you should see individually which version is most comfortable for you and your baby.
Midwife tip: Get professional babywearing advice for the birth and only buy the baby carrier after the birth, when you can test what fits well with your baby and without a belly!
Your baby will enjoy direct body contact, it can hear your heartbeat and your breathing and is moved by you all the time.

Swaddling is a centuries-old technique in which your baby is wrapped tightly in a cloth so that it can feel the tightness of the womb again. This feeling that the world has a limit again helps many children to find peace. The babies should of course not be swaddled day and night, but only to relax when they are very restless. Midwife tip: The ideal swaddle is at least 90x90 cm and is made of natural, breathable cotton.

Soothing music, soft singing, the hair dryer, pattering rain, a gentle hum - the list of noises that let babies calm down is long. The main thing is that it is nice and even and monotonous.

Baby massage
A gentle massage, for example after bathing with an oil, can help many babies as an evening ritual to end the day and to come to rest. There are even special courses that teach different massage techniques for babies. Midwifery tip: Such a baby massage course should be finished before the crawling age, because if your little darling becomes mobile and runs away during the massage, it becomes unrelaxed.

Breastfeeding means breastfeeding because it makes babies still - and is therefore naturally suitable for calming down and is intended by nature for this, because breastfeeding is much more than just eating.

What if nothing helps?
If nothing helps, then you should above all get help: your midwife, paediatricians, screaming child clinics are the first point of contact to clarify that your baby is not lacking for anything and what help you can get. You should also ask those around you for help: this can mean that someone cooks for you, helps with housework or even takes over the crying baby for an hour so that you can go for a walk so you can relax.