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  • Effectively isolate the baby's stool and reduce the difficulty of cleaning diapers and clothes; One-way leakage can effectively prevent direct contact between urine and skin, and keep baby's PP dry and red; It has dual effects and can be used on both sides. It should be placed between the baby and the diaper.
  • Natural ingredients are green and environment-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and pollution-free, soft and comfortable, breathable and antibacterial. They can play a role in drying and cooling health care, prevent bacterial infection on the skin and effectively prevent urinary rash. It can replace the wet tissue paper to paint the baby's face and ass, gently take care of the baby's skin, and avoid the stimulation of additives contained in various wet tissue paper to the baby's delicate skin.
  • When changing diapers, the used urine towel can be discarded to reduce the cleaning burden of parents, which is convenient and concise, reduce the generation of garbage and avoid the breeding of bacteria.
  • Mothers can be used as cotton pads and hand towels, which are convenient and hygienic to carry with them.
  • A disposable diaper pad towel can be used as a diaper towel or small hand pat. When it is wet, it can also be used as wet towel paper. The composition of bamboo fiber (full viscose) makes it softer and has better water absorption than cotton. Women can be used as a makeup remover towel. They go out to wipe sweat and wash their faces in summer, which is very practical. There are 100 sheets in one volume, which is super economical and practical.