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  • Usage: wedding, birthday party, Christmas and other festive festivals for decoration, children's play, game rewards, etc.
  • The ordinary air cylinder is filled with air and cannot float in the air. To fly, it needs to be filled with hydrogen or helium (but not all balloons can float with helium).
  • Those without pole and rope do not include pole and rope. If you are not clear, please consult the customer service. Do not imagine yourself.
  • Balloons are of a rated size. If they exceed, they are easy to explode. Please control them within the maximum diameter marked by the shopkeeper.
  • Sharp objects / unclean ground, direct sun exposure, and excessive extrusion are easy to damage and burst the ball skin.
  • Generally, helium / hydrogen can only float for 6-14 hours after filling, so helium and hydrogen must be filled on the day of use.
  • Any balloon has a certain damage rate. No one can guarantee 100% non-damage. The damage rate of 1% - 3% is normal. The balloon size of our store is measured manually, and the error of about 3-5cm is a positive phenomenon.
  • It is normal that the surface of a latex balloon will oxidize and turn white after being used for a period of time.