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  • Breathable and waterproof outer layer: TPU breathable film is selected as the waterproof coating, which is elastic, soft, breathable, stretchable, can be washed repeatedly, not easy to damage and deform, and can effectively prevent the leakage of baby's urine.
  • Absorbent layer: the middle layer is used to place the supporting absorbent diapers. The matching diaper is made of bamboo fiber or microfiber cotton cloth, which is soft, has good water absorption and has no peculiar smell.
  • The inner layer of the diaper pants is made of special functional materials that are very soft, permeable and prevent back seepage. Urine can quickly absorb all the urine through the lining to the urine pad. The fabric contacting the baby's skin has only a slight wet feeling. This slight wet feeling is conducive to reminding Baobao to go to the toilet and cultivating the baby's convenient habit.
  • There is an opening at the back waist of the diaper, and the water-absorbing diaper pad can be put into the diaper to effectively prevent diaper displacement.
  • The soft leg frame is elastic and tight to prevent lateral leakage of urine, even for active babies.
  • The elastic back waist increases the wearing comfort. There are multi-level adjustment buttons on the diapers. Select the corresponding position according to the size of the baby, and then button the first row of buttons to the corresponding position. It can be used by babies from three months to three years old.