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  • The two-stage angle adjustment of the backrest simulates the bending of the mother's arm, which helps to prevent the reflux of milk in the stomach.
  • The skin-friendly cushion is breathable and comfortable, with good heat dissipation and strong moisture drainage, which can better regulate the baby's body temperature.
  • With vibration massage function, gives the baby a sense of security and helps the baby fall asleep quickly.
  • Intelligent six-frequency swing, free adjustment.
  • The five-point safety belt can protect the baby's center of gravity offset and adjust the length of the tether to make the baby more comfortable.
  • 360 ° rotatable base with an Omnidirectional rotation design makes it convenient for mothers to look after their babies from any angle.
  • Soft music, bedtime lullaby, bring the baby to sweet sleep.
  • 360 ° can automatically rotate the toy rack to exercise the baby's body coordination and hand grasping ability.