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How to use:
1.Clean your own nails by water and keep your nails dry.
2.Choose sizes which are the most suitable for your nails.
3.Peal off the suitable size of adhesive tapes.
4.Stick the adhesive tapes on the back of nail tips and peel off the outside film.
5.Press the false nails on your own nails and hold for 30 seconds.
6.Trim the excess part by nail file and finish.
Please Note:
Avoid prolonged contact with water.
Firmly press nails a couple of times a day,particularly after washing hands.
If a nail fails off try air-drying it overnight or holding it under a dryer at low heat.
Helpful tips:
1.If you’re in between two sizes,choose the smaller size.
2.Improper application may reduce lasting power.
3.Do not use when skin around the cuticles is irritated.Do not apply on unhealthy nails.
4.Removal:Use remover polish around nails,wait for 1 minute,gently peel off from side with manicure stick.
Remove the old glue and replace it with a new double-sided jelly tab.