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  • DESIGN: Double zipper double pocket multi-color baby special waterproof printing double zipper diaper bag
  • SIZE: 30 * 40cm
  • Excellent waterproof effect. Don't worry about where to put diapers.
  • FABRIC: Knitted flat cloth + environment-friendly waterproof and breathable TPU
  • The waterproof diaper bag consists of two zipper compartments to accommodate wet diapers and dry things, allowing items to be separated in the same bag. A diaper bag is the best choice for traveling, beach, fitness, hiking, and daily storage of towels, toiletries, dirty clothes, shoes or diapers.
[Why should we choose a waterproof diaper bag?]

1、 Security
Cheap bags are not strong, but our bags are safe and secure.
The traditional bag is not waterproof, while our diaper bag adopts the super waterproof function of TPU material, and the waterproof effect of water, oil and fruit juice drinks is super strong.

2、 Simplicity
Zipper compartment, convenient and fast. It can be hung on the stroller, fashionable and beautiful

3、 Cost performance
The appearance of traditional bags is ordinary and easy to deform. This product can be washed many times without deformation and damage. It can be reused after cleaning. It is fashionable and beautiful.