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  • This product is a three-layer design and structure. The inner surface of the outer layer (surface cloth) is provided with a composite elastic waterproof TPU film, which has high elastic tension and good flexibility. It can be washed many times without deformation and damage. It is a film with a waterproof and breathable function to prevent the baby from getting wet and soiling the clothes.
  • Safety: our coveralls are made of TPU material with super waterproof function, waterproof, oil-proof, fruit juice drinks, etc
  • Comfort: expensive TPU fabric is soft and comfortable, taking care of the baby's healthy growth.
  • Simplicity: the use of tether is very simple, convenient and clear
  • Cost performance: This product can be reused after repeated washing without deformation and damage
  • The large pocket of the new smock prevents the baby's rice from falling to the ground, reduces the trouble of the mother cleaning the room, and the baby can also put his favorite toys in the pocket.